P3 Bridges Project

Shawn Langen
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A reversed engineered private-public partnership designed to rehab five stone-arch bridges and replace 28 bridges in Northampton County, PA. The project saves taxpayer dollars and is scheduled to have four years of construction with 10 years of maintenance. The program kicked off with the first bridge completion on October 27, 2017. The Northampton GPA P3 project is trending to be the most successful P3 project in the country.

Rather than have government entities assemble their own team of experts, experts submit bids for the entire project as a group. The team awarded the contract is then on the hook to finish the job as advertised. Any overruns will come out of the experts' pockets, not the county's. Northampton County is in a position to be a national leader, potentially an international leader, in this type of financing.